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Joined Collective2: 10/19/2009
Last Logged in: 12/29/2010

Occupation: Trader
Location: Europe
Years Trading: +10
What I Trade: FX,SP500,EuroStoxx50

Too long to explain ;) Basically, I have learnt to respect risk control as the most valuable tool to achieve consistency at trading.

Systems Managing

Trades: Futures
Created: 7/28/2010
CAGR: -31.94%
Last 90: -9.79%
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Trades: Forex
Created: 10/26/2009
CAGR: 11.78%
Last 90: -0.46%

System Notebook

Savage System

Cumu P/L$11,971
Compound Ann Return2.3%
# Trades2
Sharpe Ratio0.89
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Average Rating:
Comments 1/30/10 14:18 ET:
Only 2 trades,but this trader promises,200% compounded annual return with just >1% DD...AND...Sharpe>5 and APD>2.0...I like the texture of his trades,he can let profit runs and control DD...Obviously too early to bet on him,but I will keep following him,I am impressed.


Cumu P/L$428,371
Compound Ann Return38.2%
# Trades487
Sharpe Ratio0.68
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GO ahead 2

Cumu P/L$771
Compound Ann Return2.8%
# Trades100
Sharpe Ratio0.55
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Fredy Meier

Greene Tea

Cumu P/L($5,398)
Compound Ann Return-13.5%
# Trades283
Sharpe Ratio-0.59
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Cumu P/L$68,295
Compound Ann Return10.8%
# Trades326
Sharpe Ratio0.46
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Lisa Randall
Inga German
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Average Rating:
Comments 12/2/09 7:52 ET:
December 2nd:Very Promising system.Developer clearly knows what he is doing.Good ROI both on annualized and actual basis,with low Drawdown.Good Sharpe and APD.Worth tracking.