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Subject:Delay in report of a C2 fill
Posted by:Jules Ellis  New msg
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When:7/05/06 (12:43) 
I've set up TB such that it will convert limit orders to market orders when C2 reports a fill. Today, the TB log file says that it received a limit order at 11:31, and that at 11:57 the order was reported filled by C2. However, the system page says that the order was filled at 11:33. This suggests that there was a delay of more than 20 minutes between the fill at C2 and the report of it. Why was the delay so long? TB reported no disconnections. Or is the 11:33 on the system page the time at which the order was sent? The signal id is 21833860.

Subject:Delay in report of a C2 fill
Posted by:Matthew Klein (Admin)  New msg
When:7/05/06 (12:55) 

In response to post by Jules Ellis of 7/05/06 (12:43)

I've set up TB such that it will convert limit orders to market orders when C2 reports a fill. Today, the TB log file sa...

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C2 checks on limits/stops at intervals, to see if they have been filled. We use all sorts of clever probability-based scheduling algorithms to make sure that the delay between actual marketplace fill and C2-fill-discovery is as short (and imperceptible) as possible. But there will always be cases where C2 "discovers" too late that an order should have been filled several minutes earlier. In these cases, C2 will mark the order as filled at the time the market filled the order in real life. But your TradeBullet or TradeBolt will be informed about it when C2 discovers the fill. (In other words, if C2 learns at 10:45 that a limit was filled at 10:40, it will mark the order as "filled" at 10:40 in C2 trading records.)

That's why it's really important to use the local "convert limit to market" feature built into TradeBullet (and other AutoTrade software). This feature relies on TradeBullet to constantly look at your price feed and see if a limit order is just-touched. If so, it will convert to market, regardless of if or when C2 informs it about a fill.

The C2-initiated conversion should only be used as an emergency backup, since C2 can't possibly schedule price-checks as quickly and efficiently as your local computer.

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