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4/19/14 (1:46)Mario Gonzalez1NEW WEBSITE LOOK
4/18/14 (17:15)David Uthoff6Smaragd Capital/Matthew Klein
4/18/14 (12:38)Krystof Huang2GTC MKT orders sometimes not filled
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4/17/14 (14:45)Matthew Klein2What signals should I use?
4/17/14 (14:31)David Uthoff1RBgold Supra
4/17/14 (6:11)Wahab abedul Alomari1system details - Statistics tab
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Posted by:Mario Gonzalez  New msg
Ignore user's posts for week month forever
When:4/19/14 (1:46) 
Is there a way to DISABLE FOR EVER the new website look?,
Matthew it is very annoying !
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