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Mathew I placed a signal at the start of the weekend thinking like all brokerage accounts the trade would be placed when the market opened this morning. On C2 it did not trade it showed expired. Many moons ago when I actually had clients and cared this was a problem for me and my signals. I thought you fixed it?

On my 401 timer is there any way you can change the price to reflect the opening price of the day for UWM? It will hurt performance however reflect what I actually traded with my own money. And it will reflect more accuratly what I am trying to do.


Rick Haines

In response to post by John French of 1/18/11 (10:00)

Rick, I had the same problem today with my system MFK. This would not be the case with a brokerage account so I do not u...

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John it has been happening on C2 since forever. In the past Mathew agreed to fix it however it never got done. My problem is yesterday it did not show expired. I worked tell 3 am and did not check before the open. So wala I get online after the open and the trade is messed up.

Just one of those comprimises you have on this web site.

Rick Haines
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