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Reinhard Schu

Joined Collective2: 4/19/2006
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RMHF Strategies
Created: 7/15/2012
CAGR: 0.83%
Contango Extractor
Trades: Futures
Created: 3/11/2007
CAGR: -0.22%

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System Notebook

Options 787

TradesMostly Options; (some stocks)
Cumu P/L$54,827
Compound Ann Return12.0%
# Trades460
Sharpe Ratio0.79
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Average Rating:
Comments 5/6/12 20:52 ET:
Uncovered option seller. Will thus blow up one day.

Strawberry Rhubarb FX

Cumu P/L$8,414
Compound Ann Return10.2%
# Trades440
Sharpe Ratio0.22
Subscribe for: $0 each 0

Average Rating:
Comments 11/3/11 4:39 ET:
Many small profitable trades and a few much larger losing trades should set off the usual alarm bells.


Cumu P/L$292,611
Compound Ann Return28.3%
# Trades487
Sharpe Ratio0.53
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Average Rating:
Comments 10/25/11 19:43 ET:
Classic high win rate "pray and hope" system. Small wins and big losers. A good system should be the opposite. The system will blow up one day. 5-start reviewers only look at win rate and do not understand expectancy.

Asset Rotation

Cumu P/L$2,411
Compound Ann Return2.7%
# Trades16
Sharpe Ratio0.30
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The Cake

Cumu P/L$78,080
Compound Ann Return11.8%
# Trades466
Sharpe Ratio0.69
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Inga German

Average Rating:
Comments 8/28/11 14:40 ET:
This looks like a good trend following system. Inga German who comments on less than 50% win rate clearly does not understand anything about expectancy and that one can consistently make money with a low win % rate, as long as the winners are big enough.

The Cake looks nice with an expectancy typical for a good trend following system, many small losses and a few huge winners.

JV Long/Short Equity

Cumu P/L$518,363
Compound Ann Return40.8%
# Trades912
Sharpe Ratio1.67
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Inga German
Dan Maguire
David Bowers
Black Box
Gunar S.


Cumu P/L$124,811
Compound Ann Return14.1%
# Trades1,021
Sharpe Ratio1.21
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ETF Timer

Cumu P/L$120,559
Compound Ann Return18.5%
# Trades52
Sharpe Ratio0.92
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Average Rating:
Comments 6/2/11 8:19 ET:
System stopped working in June 2010 and been going down since, even though the SPX has been trending upwards.

This system is probably a classic case of hindsight bias. The "success" up to May 2010 was based on a small number of trades and was likely pure luck. At that point the system attracted a lot of attention on C2 because of its "success". Subsequently the luck ran out.

Isonomy Plus

TradesMostly Options; (some stocks)
Cumu P/L$13,698
Compound Ann Return7.4%
# Trades62
Sharpe Ratio0.80
Subscribe for: 30-day free trial, then $148 each quarter
Others writing about Isonomy Plus:
Krystof Huang
Dean Marks

Shorting Options

TradesMostly Options; (some stocks)
Cumu P/L$11,844
Compound Ann Return12.9%
# Trades95
Sharpe Ratio0.79
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Cumu P/L$192,813
Compound Ann Return22.4%
# Trades1,401
Sharpe Ratio1.25
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Dan Maguire
Emp New
Black Box

HPB Options

TradesMostly Options; (some stocks)
Cumu P/L$4,073
Compound Ann Return29.6%
# Trades51
Sharpe Ratio7.18
Subscribe for: 30-day free trial, then $75 each month
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Karl A

Average Rating:
Comments 5/27/11 9:20 ET:
System sells naked options and therefore will blow up one day.

Forex Special

Cumu P/L$10,404
Compound Ann Return22.4%
# Trades337
Sharpe Ratio0.35
Subscribe for: 5-day free trial, then $99 each month

Average Rating:
Comments 5/26/11 9:51 ET:
Equity curve looks good at first glance, but this is a classic low sharpe system with many small profts taken and then the occasional large loss wiping out the profits. It has happened on several occasions in the past and it will continue to happen. Nassim Taleb calls systems like these "randomness under the carpet".