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Susan Shafer

Joined Collective2: 11/10/2007
Last Logged in: 3/03/2008

Occupation: retired
Location: Iowa
Years Trading: 5
What I Trade: Forex now

It would make you cry! But Praise God He keeps me going on!

Systems Managing

Trades: Forex
Created: 3/02/2008
Dollar Flow
Trades: Forex
Created: 11/22/2007
CAGR: -15.15%
Euro Dollar Weekly
Created: 11/14/2007

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System Notebook

Melissa FX

Cumu P/L($80,835)
Compound Ann Return-19.6%
# Trades149
Sharpe Ratio-0.68
Subscribe for: $0 each month
Others writing about Melissa FX:
Brian Prothro

Super Duper FX system

Cumu P/L$1,642
Compound Ann Return0.2%
# Trades72
Sharpe Ratio-0.07
Subscribe for: $0 each month

DrQ MiniSP DTv1

Cumu P/L$45,797
Compound Ann Return25.3%
# Trades823
Sharpe Ratio0.46
Subscribe for: 30-day free trial, then $150 each month
Others writing about DrQ MiniSP DTv1:
Brad Goldman
Garry Clark
Wilson Santos
Mateusz Nikiel
Henry Gonzalez

Daily Bread

TradesMostly Futures; (some stocks)
Cumu P/L($59,812)
Compound Ann Return-11.4%
# Trades129
Sharpe Ratio-0.26
Subscribe for: 7-day free trial, then $250 each month
Others writing about Daily Bread:
Mateusz Nikiel

Test System. Now Closed.

Cumu P/L($7,640)
Compound Ann Return-17.6%
# Trades90
Sharpe Ratio-0.42
Subscribe for: $0 each quarter
Others writing about Test System. Now Closed.:
Financial Scientist
richard fox
John Oh

AAA Forex

Cumu P/L($78,461)
Compound Ann Return-18.6%
# Trades134
Sharpe Ratio-1.03
Subscribe for: $0 each month
Others writing about AAA Forex:
Harry Hindsight
Geert Borstlap
John Oh


TradesFutures, Forex
Cumu P/L($15,370)
Compound Ann Return-2.2%
# Trades2
Sharpe Ratio-0.49
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Very Aggressive #1 - Started 11/13/07

Cumu P/L($41,259)
Compound Ann Return-6.9%
# Trades32
Sharpe Ratio-0.46
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Cumu P/L$29,540
Compound Ann Return3.5%
# Trades103
Sharpe Ratio0.23
Subscribe for: $95 each month