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henry hazan

Joined Collective2: 8/10/2009
Last Logged in: 1/24/2011

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Cumu P/L$124,811
Compound Ann Return14.2%
# Trades1,021
Sharpe Ratio1.21
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Option Timer

Cumu P/L$9,334
Compound Ann Return5.2%
# Trades58
Sharpe Ratio0.79
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Stephen Norris

ETF Portfolio Trader

Cumu P/L$19,068
Compound Ann Return4.6%
# Trades53
Sharpe Ratio0.51
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Dimitri Rizos
odean ford

- not active anymore -

Cumu P/L$19,272
Compound Ann Return8.6%
# Trades181
Sharpe Ratio1.16
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Stephen Norris
Oliver Keating
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odean ford
Jim Weigel

Happy Trading

Cumu P/L($3,642)
Compound Ann Return-2.8%
# Trades549
Sharpe Ratio-0.20
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Inga German
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ned hege

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Comments 6/19/10 23:52 ET:
Let's wait a little bit more to see the performance, but it seems to be a a good candidate.