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BrokerTransmit: Use your broker account to be a trade leader

If you'd like to become a trade leader here on Collective2, you can use your brokerage account to do it.

This means that you can attract "followers" (subscribers) to your strategy, and their brokerage accounts will closely mirror yours.

You'll build your strategy track record here on Collective2 just like other strategy managers do. Except, instead of typing your trade signals directly into Collective2, we'll automatically post your trade signals based on what your brokerage account trades.

Using your brokerage account to run a trade strategy

Note that:

Your track record here on Collective2 will not exactly match your brokerage account performance. It will be a close facsimile of your broker performance, but not an identical one. Rather, your record here on Collective2 will resemble how your followers perform when they copy your trades (as opposed to your trades themselves).