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Open C2-Compatible Broker Account

This web page will help you open a live brokerage account to AutoTrade Collective2 trading strategies.

Have an account? Great!

If you already have a brokerage account at Interactive Brokers, you can use it for Collective2 AutoTrading!*

(* If you live in the USA, you cannot use Interactive Brokers to trade forex. You can use it for stocks, options, and futures.)

So if you are not planning on trading forex, all you need to do is fill out these forms to link your already-existing account to Collective2, and email them to us.

Ready to start the account opening process? Let's do it!

Open an account

First decide what kind of Collective2 brokerage account to open.

There are different types of brokers. Some trade futures. Others trade forex. Others trade stocks and options.

Which kind of AutoTrading will you do?

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The application you fill out depends on the country where you reside. Your computer's Internet address is located in United States. If you reside in a different country, you can change this selection below.

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When you open a forex trading account, you need to choose the currency of the account. This is the currency you will be paid when you withdraw funds from your account.


Based on the fact that you are a UK resident, we will help you set up a British-Pound-denominated spread-betting account. Spread-betting accounts are tax-advantaged.


Based on the fact that you are Australian, you probably want to denominate your account in Australian Dollars.

However, if you prefer, you can choose a different currency.


Based on the fact that you are American, you will open your account in U.S. Dollars.


Please choose which currency you want to use to denominate your account.

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