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What is the Data Services password?

To increase account security, we allow users to have two kinds of passwords.

The main password is the one that you use to log in to your account at Collective2. This protects your private information such as your address and credit card. Of course you'll want to keep that password very secure.

We also allow users to set a second password. This password, the Data Services (DS) password, if you choose to give it out, allows third-party software or services to connect to your Collective2 account in order to enable certain automation. For example, a software program might use your DS password to request a list of systems you are subscribed to, or to see those system's open positions. This password does not give anyone the right to log in to your C2 account or see your private information.

How to set your Data Services password

To set your Data Services password, log in to C2 and go to the My Account screen.

Alternately, this link will take you there directly: https://www.collective2.com/set-data-services-password

On the screen, you will see an area where you can configure your password. You need to do two things: (1) explicitly allow Data Services access, and (2) select a password.

Here is a screenshot:

Make sure you enable Data Services, and that you choose a password.