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Send orders from Interactive Brokers TWS to a Collective2 system

If you use Interactive Brokers' Trader Workstation (TWS) to place orders in your broker account, and you run a Collective2 trading system, you can automatically have your orders sent directly from TWS into your C2 system. There are two products available, both created by independent software companies.

What they do

Both products assume that you enter orders into Interactive Brokers TWS (and thus trade a real-life brokerage account at Interactive Brokers). They transmit your orders from TWS into a Collective2 trading system which you manage. This lets you build a public track record at Collective2 at the same time you trade your brokerage account. Also, it means that your subscribers can trade alongside you. (Your subscribers can use any C2 AutoTrade broker to automate their trading. They do not need to use IB.)

What they do not do

The products are designed for trading system developers who happen to use Interactive Brokers when trading their real-life account. They are not meant for trading system subscribers who want to use Interactive Brokers to AutoTrade C2 systems.

If you are a subscriber who wants to subscribe to someone else's system (and perhaps to AutoTrade someone else's system in an Interactive Brokers account), you will not use these products. You will instead use C2 AutoTrading technology.


The most widely-used solution to send your Interactive Brokers brokerage account activity into your C2 System. IBtoC2 transmits orders from your TWS into a Collective2 system of your choice. Learn more here.

C2 Order Entry

A desktop application that can detect orders placed from your TWS session (or those placed by other API clients connected to TWS) and send those orders to your Collective2 system. Learn more here.

HPB Signals

For traders who use Interactive Brokers TWS platform and need to automatically enter TWS trades as C2 signals into Collective2 platform. HighPowerBear is InteractiveBrokers Technology Partner.
Learn more here.